Alerts provides an easy way to get email notifications when the devices stop sending data or the received data value exceeds a certain threshold.

Battery alerts

Low battery alerts are active for all devices by default. A notification email will be sent if the battery voltage value falls below a device specific lower threshold. The below image shows an example email alert.


In the above example alert, the battery voltage value 14.06 V of a device Novaggio-0 is below a threshold of 16 V.

On the Battery alerts dashboard, you may further investigate the alerts and conditions.


Notification emails and custom alerts

Notifications from the default dashboards are sent to the default email addresses only. Please contact us if you would like to modify the default email addresses.

Other possible ways to receive notifications are mattermost, slack, webhook, pagerduty, victorops, and opsgenie.

Custom alerts dashboards for detecting threshold exceedance or data anomalies may be created upon request. Such custom alerts dashboards give full control to manage notification emails and alerts.